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Alcohol was my coping mechanism. I was invincible, the life of the party, sexy, funny, the dancing queen, and the sociable extrovert. I needed alcohol to get more energy, sleep better, entertain myself, and when problems arose, it kept them under the surface. It was my magic potion.

Being a socially awkward teen, I started drinking when I was 14 to help me fit in. By the time I was in my twenties, I was #MissPartyGirl and felt accepted in my society. I ignored the morning after headaches, vomiting, and depression that went along with binge drinking. I entered the professional world and did the socially accepted drinking with co-workers at happy hours. My off-time getaways included alcohol; wineries, concerts, vacations that always revolved around drinking. Then I went into the stay-at-home-mom phase of my life; playdates for the little ones while the mommies drank the wine.

Perfectly acceptable, right?  All of the moms were doing it.  And using the alcohol, aka “mommy juice”, to get through the day became a routine that was just laughed off.  Life went on to include using alcohol as a coping mechanism for divorce, single parenting, and performing in a high-pressure job.

I was far from happy and something had to give. I was successful at my job and my kids were thriving, but I was miserable. Depression, anxiety, and physical ailments were my constant companions and I knew what I had to give up - ALCOHOL. It was not my friend. Alcohol had lied to me all these years; it was making me sick, depressed and; it was stealing my life away.

I drank for 32 years of my life, with a few stints of being alcohol-free. I made it for almost a year in my 20s when I first tried AA, during my pregnancies in my 30s, and 6 months in my 40s when I tried AA again. AA is a great program for many, but it did not resonate with me. I had to figure out another way.

My need for change, the training I received, and my decades-long study of self-development were the perfect equation to set me free from the shackles that alcohol had on my life. My formula that set me free is now called the Sober Effect Rx. In my coaching practice I have been helping women transform their lives for years. I have combined my two passions sobriety and coaching and now specialize in helping women pour their magic potion down the drain.


Forever grateful,

My Training

Graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition
Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Certified Transformation Life Coach
NLP Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner, RMT



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