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Ready to Step Into The Best Version of You?

How I can Help

Ready to Step Into The Best Version of You?

How I can Help

Group Coaching

Beyond Better Life Coaching Membership

Master Your Mindset & Emotions and Create a Life You Love Through the Beyond Better Life (BBL) Coaching Membership!

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1:1 Coaching

Customized 1:1 Transformation Coaching

The coaching container is catered to your needs – you get the time and attention you deserve! Be prepared for breakthroughs, and deeper insights into yourself. The impossible becomes possible!

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Intuitive Healing Session

If you're looking for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, the Intuitive Healing session is a powerful experience that may be just what you need!

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Client Experience

Before Heather, I was depressed, had unhealthy eating habits, had very little sleep, and lacked the self-love I needed. With Heather’s help, my anxiety and depression does not interfere with my daily life, I am more aware of the foods I am eating and the ingredients in them, I have a better understanding of what foods are best for my body, I have more motivation to exercise, and have started to love myself and work towards my goals that I’ve put off for so long.
Heather introduced me to reiki which has helped me feel centered and move through a rough patch in my life. I have a better understanding of meditation and how it works to keep me grounded with my anxiety.
I have a different outlook on life and myself now and that is all thanks to Heather! You will not regret choosing Heather. She is dedicated to changing her clients' lives and proves that through her work.
- Elena Hoehn